Serving the theatrical community for over a decade.

AARON GRANT THEATRICAL is a boutique general management agency founded by Aaron Grant who has been an independent general manager and theatrical producer since 2008.

AGT provides general management and executive producing services to both commercial and non-profit theatrical clients.



Whether you are a new playwright or new producer trying to produce your own show for the first time, or an experienced producer, AGT is here for you.

AGT specializes in taking projects through every step of the development process - from living-room-reading to full production.   

AGT strives to expand the capacity standing of non-profit theatres in New York City bringing a commercial sensibility to non-profit producing.  At the same time, AGT views every dollar on a commercial production as precious and uses our non-profit sensibility to maximize production resources.



AARON GRANT THEATRICAL is here for you at any point in the life of your project.

Whether you just have the germ of an idea or you have a ready-to-go full fledged production team and timeline, AGT is here for you to nurture you and your project along towards its goal of success!

Our experience with readings, workshops, labs, tours and out of town productions allow us to meet your production's needs and long term goals.

We are here to make your dreams come through.


At this moment, you are only steps away from the realization of your dreams.

We hope that we might play a small part in helping those dreams come true.