AARON GRANT THEATRICAL is a boutique entertainment firm dedicated to providing comprehensive and individualized management services for the theatrical community.





Whether you are a new playwright or new producer trying to produce your own show for the first time, or an experienced producer, AGT is here for you.

By putting all management services under one roof, AGT is able to keep overhead low, passing those savings on its clients.  

At AGT, we believe that no two projects are the same.   We pride ourselves on giving individualized attention to all our clients and shaping goals and strategies for each project's specific needs and requirements.

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AARON GRANT THEATRICAL is here for you at any point in the life of your project. 

Whether you just have the germ of an idea or you have a ready-to-go full fledged production team and timeline, AGT is here for you to nurture you and your project along towards its goal of success!

Here at AGT, we've taken shows straight from a living-room-reading all the way to a full fledged production.  Our experience with readings, workshops, labs, tours and out of town productions allow us to meet your production's needs and long term goals.

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2005 - 2012

In 2008, Producer and General Manager AARON GRANT partnered with the late Vincent J. DeMarco and Kelvin Productions to offer affordable and efficient management services to the theatrical community.  The company's philosophy was simple, but seldom used elsewhere in the theatrical community-  "put all management services under one roof" to improve communication and cost-effectiveness.  Prior to Vincent's untimely passing in January, 2013, Kelvin Productions provided everything from simple staffing to design to full General Management and Production Management services for well over 100 productions.

In 2013, Aaron Grant used the same philosophy when he opened AARON GRANT THEATRICAL, INC.  The dedicated, individualized attention that AGT provides is unlike anything else offered by other theatrical management firms.